Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hooray! We have a new dog!

Hello again,

I figured I'd add a post while I was sitting at this here computer adding some pics of our new dog to Facebook. I'm so geeked! I REALLY missed not having a dog since Miss Becky died at the end of November. There's been a huge hole in my heart, and an empty space on the loveseat, that just needed to be filled by a dog of our own.  :-)

Before I get to dog pics tho, let me say what a pleasure it was to meet one of my fellow bloggers, Judy Walts-Miller, today. My sister-in-law, Jeanette, and I thought it would be nice to meet Judy and offer her our support and some hugs following the death of her best friend and love of her life for the past 7 years--Fred. Visitation at the funeral home was this afternoon, and since it wasn't too far from home, Jeanette and I met there, and were greeted by Judy with a warm smile and some hugs. It was unfortunate that the 3 of us had to meet under such sad circumstances, but nonetheless, it was our pleasure to be there and offer support to a super nice lady. Love ya, Jude!

Also, Angela's pregnancy has been going really well so far. She's been feeling great for the past 3 weeks, and it's nice to see her so joyous and healthy now after a tough first trimester. She will be going for her "big" ultrasound at the high-risk doctor's office at a nearby hospital on Monday. We continue to pray that the baby is just fine (and we believe he/she is), and Angela & Jason are really looking forward to hopefully finding out the baby's sex so they can share that news with everyone. The baby has been very active the past 3 weeks, and Angela thinks it's hilarious when it kicks and moves around. A few days ago, the baby wasn't doing a whole lot, so she decided to put her headphones on her stomach and play some classical music. Well, that baby started kicking and moving around like crazy which probably means one of two things: he/she either loves classical music, OR he/she was thinking, "Turn that crap down, I'm trying to sleep!" LOL If you all could continue to keep Angela and her baby in your prayers until she delivers sometime in mid-May, I'd really appreciate it.

OK. Back to the new dog. He is a 1.5 year old dachshund/chihuahua mix that looks like a mini version of Angela's American Dingo dog, Tiesto. It's crazy how much the two of them look alike, and yet they are totally different breeds and sizes. The dog came to us named "Poindexter" because he was so smart, and his nickname was "Dexter." However, we didn't like that name, he didn't respond to that name, and we've always wanted a small dog named "Rocco," so now his name is Rocco. He started responding to that name immediately, which is great! Here's his story:  He was a stray that was picked up by the Jackson County dog catcher in September. He was extremely emaciated, flea infested, and barely lifted his head--his spirit was broken. He was in such bad shape that he was scheduled to be euthanized. A volunteer at the dog shelter stopped the euthanasia by announcing that he deserved a chance, and that she'd be willing to take him in as his foster mom. She was granted her wish. He is now at a healthy weight, has no health problems, and is one of the friendliest, comedian-type dogs you'd ever want to meet. It makes me sad to know that he was minutes away from losing his life, but I'm glad we've given him a second chance in life, and HE SEEMS GLAD TOO!

He LOVES going for rides in the car, and he even did a great job at going for a ride in a shopping cart when I took him to Pet Supplies Plus with me tonight to buy him a new collar and food bowls. LOL And he loved everyone in Pet Supplies Plus, and they loved him! It is such a good feeling to look over and see a dog sleeping on our loveseat again.  :-)  Pics are below.

Angela's dog, Tiesto (left), and Rocco (right)
Tom holding Rocco.


  1. He looks like a cutie...almost like a miniature Tiesto! I know you guys will give him a good home. Sounds like he deserves it!

  2. Awww, how sweet that you have Rocco to love and take care of. So glad he was able to live!

    I'm praying for Angela that her baby is healthy. I love about the "music". :)

    Also, how nice of you and Jeanette to offer your hand of friendship in person for Judy. I know how much she appreciated you guys being there.


  3. What a cute little booger he is! And he's like a shrunken version of the other dog, LOL! Glad that he's got a new lease on life and that he's going to bring you much joy and companionship in the years ahead.

    I will certainly keep Angela in my prayers. Good to hear that everything is progressing well.

  4. Hi Debbie!
    So glad you are back as you were missed. Prayed for you all each time you came to mind.
    Wow, what a time you have had. It is in the darkest of times we learn to rely on God and not our own strength. We will be praying for the unborn grandchild you are expecting soon. I trust this little one will bless the socks right off all of you :-)
    I've been off line the last few weeks myself, trying to get back in the blog mode. Starting tomorrow I will be watching my grand daughter Khloe Monday through Fridays....she will now doubt keep me busy "-)
    Hang in there Deb...


  5. I am so happy with the baby news!!! The new doggie is cute and, I just want to thank you and Jeanette for coming all the way out here to be with me last Saturday. Meeting you was WONDERFUL!!!