Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Moms Are Like That!

I have GOT to start getting in the habit of bringing our camera with me, darn it! The temperature today was so warm that Angela & I decided to take a dip in our lake after I got home from work. If I'd been thinking, I would have brought the camera with us and taken some pics of our lake (nature photos, of course; no swimsuit pics or else I'd scare off all my blogger friends!). Ah well. There will be other swimming days this summer and I'll get some photos of the lake then.

Angela has been running around like crazy trying to get everything ready for her move to FL. She still plans to leave in 2 days. She spoke with the main veterinarian at the Naples hospital today and he told her they'd like her to start working for them this Sunday on the midnight shift (which is the shift she requested). She's already received a relocation advance that she'll use to cover her moving expenses. She's planning to make the drive a 2-day trip. I'm sure both of her cats will HATE that. LOL  The vet told her that the entire staff is really excited to meet her and that they plan to make her feel right at home. Awwwww...that will be so nice for her.

I spent part of tonight going over Florida and Naples "stuff" with Ang & her friend, Doc (a friend who will be making the trip, and relocating to Naples, with her). In typical motherly fashion (or maybe a-typical in my case) I made sure to research Naples on the Internet--crime rates, areas of least amounts of crime, neighborhood make-ups, demographics, where the public trams run, pickup times, rates, where all of the good beaches are, etc. Me being me, I had to interrupt the movie they were watching tonight, sit right between them, and deliver my newly-found information. In covering all my bases, I also made sure to educate them about alligators (DO NOT wade, swim, or hand feed any animals in NON-SALTY water cuz 'gators can abound there), stingrays (be sure to do the "sting ray shuffle" in the water during the months of April - Oct. cuz sometimes they come into shallow water during breeding season) and the Florida sun (it's closer & hotter to the earth than in Michigan, so WEAR SUNSCREEN AT ALL TIMES). When I was finished, her friend, Doc, looked at me with a big ole grin and said, "Wow, that was like a REAL business meeting or something, wasn't it!" And Angela, grinning largely responded, "Welcome to my world. My mom wouldn't be my mom unless she had at least one "business meeting" with me every few weeks. My dad teases her about that all the time." As I left Angela's bedroom, I could hear the two of them chuckling and so as I was retreating down the stairs, I good-naturedly yelled, "Hey you two! I can hear you! Stop laughing at me!" which only served to make them laugh even harder. LOLOL  Hey! I can't help it! I'm a mom, ya know? Angela will hopefully understand one day when/if she becomes a mom. heh heh heh  You know what they say about Karma. LOL

Have a wonderful week, everyone, and try to stay cool in these warmer temps!


  1. I take it she found an apartment too? Nice to know she won't be going alone. At least shes completely educated by teacher mom, too!

  2. Yep, that's the kind of thing us moms do!! Mine laugh at me all the time, but then we used to laugh at my mom too! The karma thing!! :)

    I hope Angela will be SO happy in Naples, and love her job!


  3. Hahaaaa....Karma can be such a Useful thing!

    Even I didn't know all that stuff! I know they listened to you though...I Would Have!