Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Red Wings, The Beast, and Virginia

Well, for those of us that were wondering whether "The Beast" would start up again this spring for Tom, the answer is, "It did!" That 25-year-old red Montgomery Ward riding lawn mower that his dad gave him several years ago (and that is falling apart) is, apparently, alive & kickin' for another year of cutting grass. Tom, of course, did his usual spring start-up routine with it:  he patted it a few times, said, "C'mon, baby, start for daddy," and then used a flathead screwdriver to touch the solenoid (because the on-off key no longer, started right up. I just couldn't believe it!

I had a blast riding it around the backyard last night, cutting the lawn while light smoke drifted into the air from where oil had spilled/leaked on the engine last year. LOL  I probably looked like a ghetto version of Bob Villa! I'll let you be the judge as Tom took a pic of me on the tractor last night (right).

Speaking of  Tom...tonight is game 6 of the hockey playoffs between the Detroit Red Wings and the San Jose...well...whatever their team name is. (LOL) IF the Wings win tonight, they'll only have to win 1 more game in order to win the round, and THAT will lead to Tom getting his head shaved at work at the end of this week. O, Lordy! My hubby is running scared now!

Angela continues to interview for Vet Tech and Vet Assistant jobs in Virginia. She had a promising interview last Thursday, but they won't be making their decision until the end of this week. She thinks she'll be interviewing with a 3rd vet either tomorrow or Thursday, but is waiting for them to let her know. On top of all this, she has come down with a bad sinus infection and is at the doctor's office right now getting treatment. Also, her cell phone broke at the end of last week, only to have the new phone she purchased (with a new carrier) become inoperable a day later. How can potential employers call her for interviews if her telephone won't receive calls??? She can text, and call out, but she can't receive calls. She's just so frustrated. Her old carrier says it's Verizon's problem; Verizon says it's the old carrier's problem. <sigh> That poor kid is trying SO hard to make a go of it in VA, but life keeps throwing her curve balls. Still, she's determined NOT to come back home until she's made a success of herself there. If you guys could keep her in your prayers, I'd greatly appreciate it.

I decided to take a photo of some of the tulips in our front flower garden. I like these yellow ones because they have pointed petals.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'll keep ya posted on events at our place as life slowly mosies along!


  1. LOL! about your lawn mower! We have a lot of lawn to mow here so, several years ago, my husband finally bought a good mower. Hopefully it will still last us a good long time! Cute pic!
    Will keep your daughter in my prayers. Know how it goes. My daughter still hasn't found a permanent teaching job since she moved back from GA two years ago. Hasn't been getting many sub jobs lately either...

  2. Tom better go buy a head shining kit cuz he's gonna be bald by the weekend! LOL!!

  3. Love to see the spring flowers--it's about time!

  4. Love the pic of you on the Beast!! Will keep Angela in my prayers. And, I can't wait to see Tom's shining head. LOL