Friday, March 4, 2011

Road Ice!

Wow, Metro Detroit had freezing rain early this morning which made for a dangerous ride into work for many folks.
My hubby was telling me that he was only able to do 10 mph, and all around him people were spinning out into ditches and each other. As he was sitting at a stoplight waiting to turn left, an oncoming Ford Escape went out of control and slammed into the Ford F-150 truck behind him knocking that guy into a snow bank. AND the lady driving the Escape continue to hit several more vehicles until she finally came to a stop. Thank the Lord that my hubby wasn't hit, or worse! I waited to leave for work until I could see that the roads had melted and were just wet (10 a.m.). I'm thankful my job is flexible like that.

Drive safely today, my friends and family, and I hope all of you have a wonderful, blessed weekend too!


  1. We live an hour north of Detroit. The ice got to us a little later than you got it. My son texted me that he had beat the bad roads to work, so I was relieved. By the time my daughter left for work the rain had just started and there was an immediate covering of ice on the road. I'm sure it was slow going on her drive...
    I hate ice way more than the snow.

  2. We live north of Detroit and also got the ice a little later, but heard of lots of accidents on the noon news. I would rather have snow too--at least you have a bit of traction to drive on.

  3. Hahaaa....WOW! I feel like a little Whiner! We got a few inches here in Waco, Texas and everyone was All Over The Place! It's ice that gives us fits!
    Glad you and Hubby are safe!
    Happy weekend Debbie!

  4. Oh I am so glad I have to live in Swampland and fight the mosquitoes that are the size of a Black Hawk helicopter!

    I am so glad your hubbie managed to be out of the way of the ice skating in motor vehicles program this morning.

  5. I drove to the Beck and Grand River this morning and then to Ann Arbor. Saw very little ice but I kept hearing on the radio how bad it was! I'm glad it missed the area I was in!!