Monday, March 7, 2011

Drumroll please...Tax Results? Refunds!

I'm tickled to report that I finally finished filing our taxes, and our daughter's, last night before bed. That's a huge relief! And we're all getting refunds, although nothing huge, which is nice too.  :-)

On a different note, I think I've decided that my key word for today today is: SASSY. "Why," you might ask?
Well, today at work (I'm an Office Manager for a church), an area retired pastor stopped in to have a chat with our pastor, and on his way out the door, the visiting pastor chuckled, pointed at me, and told our pastor, "You really need to watch out for this one! She's sassy! I can tell!" Of course, our pastor then just about fell on the floor laughing because he knows darn well that I'm sassy (among other things  LOL). But the visiting pastor left me scratching my head as to how HE knew that considering today was only the second (and brief) time he'd met me. Then again, he's been a pastor for 42 years, which has obviously made him very intuitive about people. Anyway, the entire episode made my morning and had me laughing too. It's situations like this that make working at a church fun.

Tomorrow night, Angela (our daughter) and I will sit at the computer and work on filing a claim with our auto insurance company so her car can be repaired from her weekend accident. After talking with AAA today, and a professional and trustworthy collision shop down the street that we know, it seems like everything will fall into place so that she can have her car back next week. This is good, because neither neither one of us is much into "car sharing."

Have a wonderful Paczki day tomorrow, everyone!


  1. Getting a refund sure beats having to pay after they chopped up your paycheck all year long!! We got a refund too but with Rich being off work for 5 weeks, it was gone the minute it hit the bank!! Happy Fat Tuesday!!

  2. My husband shoots for the ultimate goal with the taxes: no refund/no paying. Needless to say we don't make that. Because he doesn't want the government to keep his money, he doesn't have as much withheld. So - we usually pay!

  3. Grandma - that's a bummer. I hate paying on our taxes.
    Jeanette - a happy belated Fat Tuesday to you also, girlfriend!

    Unfortunately, I just discovered today that our tax e-filing was rejected (both Federal & State) because of an error I made. I've since fixed it, so we're ready to file again, but now we OWE a little on Federal. We're only getting back a little bit from state, but at least that will cover what we owe on Federal. See Grandma, we were TRYING to get a refund back and wound up being right where your husband tries to be each year--getting back or paying almost zero. LOL Figures.

    Have a great day, ladies!