Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Well, another fun weekend has come to a close. I think the highlight of my weekend was meeting my extended family at a nearby restaurant Saturday night to take my dad out dinner for his 81st birthday. I can't believe he's 81. He doesn't look a day over 65! As a matter of fact, the cashier at the restaurant thought we were kidding when we told her his age. She truly thought he was somewhere between 63 & 65! I only hope I age as gracefully as him.  :-)

Pictured above is my dad (left), my hubby (Tom), and one of my dad's brothers, Jack (right). This was taken 2 years ago at a quaint, cabin resort on Trout Lake in the Upper Peninsula where my hubby, daughter & I, plus my extended family, stay for 4 nights each July. The lake is beautiful (good fishing, but COLD) and the resort is very quiet--only 5 cabins total in it. Our reservations are already made for this July, and we can't wait to get up there!



  1. Awww Happy Birthday to your dad!

  2. That's a great photo, and I agree your dad is young for his age. Tell him to let us know his secrets!! Happy Birthday to him!! :)

  3. I enlarged the picture so I could see for myself and if he was 79 in that pix--you are right. He doesn't look his age. My Daddy was like that too--hope I got his genes.