Monday, March 14, 2011

"Apron Strings"

The nicer weather today did a lot for many people's moods as we had lots of sunshine and very little wind with afternoon temperatures hovering around 37 degrees. I know for you southern folk, that's still freezing, but for us Michiganders, it was a treat! And this week's weather should only get better as the temperatures climb into the 40's, and maybe even the 50's on Thursday. Whew! I think spring is just starting to spring (which means there's also the possibility we could have snow again later this month, darn it). Anyway, I'll take what we can get as far as a warm-up goes.

OK, now let's talk "apron strings." Events over the past month have made my hubby, me and our daughter, Angela (our only child), realize that it's probably time to cut the old apron strings with her real soon.
Angela is 23 (she'll be 24 in August) and has been living at home since late 2009 when she returned from attending a Veterinary Technician college in Indiana. After college, she could only find a part-time job as a Veterinary Assistant, but in early February of this year, she finally found employment as a full-time Veterinary Technician. Her dad and I were geeked, and she's been over-the-moon with excitement as she really loves her new job. She's starting to pay her own bills again, bought a 2009 car and is becoming independent.

Over the weekend, the 3 of us had a very frank, but friendly, discussion, and the result was astonishing! We discovered that she is cramping our style, and we are cramping hers!  LOLOL  I think all 3 of us were relieved to finally have that out in the open. Her plans now are to get her car repaired this week (from that accident she was in a few weeks ago), then start saving up for an apartment. I hope she'll move somewhere nearby because we'd really miss her if she moved too far away! Besides, her job is maybe 12-15 minutes from our house, so that'll probably keep her in the local area. Anyway, we can't believe we have an almost-24-year-old kid who is ready to fly the coop. Where DID the time go?

We continue to be shocked and saddened by all the photos and video from Japan this week. How horrible. We are definitely continuing to keep the people of northern Japan in our prayers, and I'm sure you are too.

God bless each of you and have a wonderful week!


  1. Yep, there is definite benefits to being empty nesters! I can't imagine either of our kids living with us again. Besides, they'd have to sleep on the couch because one bedroom is my craft room and the other is a pristine guest room!

  2. I know how you feel. Our oldest daughter moved out when she went to college and worked away during every summer and never did return home...she got a job straight out of college and supported herself from the get go and until she married. Our youngest has struggled and moved away and came back about 3 times or more. She is getting married in a few weeks, but her and her husband are financially struggling and are returning to rent a home across the street from us in May. I am thrilled to have them live again so close,but you never know where your children will live and how far or how close. We are just grateful to have them in our lives now that they are adults.

  3. Wonderful! But with the economy getting worse and worse, I see more and more kiddos moving back in with parents and splitting bills...sigh....

  4. Awww, I hope everything works out well for all of you. Yep, the old apron strings; I've gone through that several times as did my parents. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to move back home, but it's never the same. Sometimes I forget my daughter isn't 12! :)

  5. Sally, sometimes I wish our daughter WAS still 12. They just grow up too darned fast!

    Thanks for sharing, you guys. It helps to know that hubby & I aren't alone on this one. :-)