Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Only Money--Cha Ching!

In between working at my day job on and off most of the day today (trying to catch up from being out sick 3 days last week, and YES, I know it's a Saturday...), my hubby & I took Ol' Bronzie (my 1994 Ford conversion van) down to my brother's auto shop (about 25 minutes southeast of our house) for a repair. The engine had been making some loud, obnoxious, "grinding" noise, and we were hoping the repair wouldn't be too costly. Fortunately for us, my brother was able to get us the part (a tension pully assembly? You know...a "thingamajigger") at cost, and his head mechanic installed it for only $20, which equaled a $60 total bill. Not bad at all considering the last 4 repairs on it for some VERY major items last summer cost us a total of $2,200! But hey, it's only money, right? You all know that as car owners, we struggle with the decision of whether to make high, monthly car payments, or spend money on hit or miss repairs on a paid for, older vehicle. This time we got lucky. Thank you, Lord!  :-)

Have a super weekend, everyone!


  1. Whew! That's great!

    And, I know exactly which part you're talkin' about, yeah, a thingamajigger. LOL

    Have a blessed day!

  2. I'll Gladly take the "NO car payment" route Anyday!
    Mine is also paid off...NICE!

  3. That really was a cheap repair. Maybe even it was a miracle. Thanks for joining me. I am down for a couple of weeks but will be up and blogging again.

  4. I love the name Ol' Bronzie.. Great name for our van honey. When did we get a bug shield???? :-)

  5. Tom - thanks! I thought the name kind of fit too. And alright, wise guy, we don't have a bug shield. YOu got me there. LOL I got the photo online, but it sure looked like our van (without the bug shield, of course), so I used it anyway. Good catch! Whoever said husbands don't pay attention to small details? :-)