Monday, April 25, 2011

Ahhhh...Rest and Relaxation

Whew! The Holy Week and Easter festivities have concluded and I'm finally enjoying a day off of work today. I slept late, and have decided to do NOTHING but relax.  :-) I'm very thankful for the break!

The picture to the right is my hubby and our daughter playing a TV video game called "Kinect" at my sister's house on Saturday. The game has a box with an "eye" in it that sits in front of the TV, and the eye picks up the movement of  your arms, legs and body which are then used to move your character in whatever game you choose to play. Here, my hubby looks like he's flapping imaginary wings, which was apparently necessary to move his character around. I laughed so hard! I played the next round with him, but thankfully, no one thought to take pictures!  lol

So how was everyone's Easter? Ours was really nice, filled with several church services, dinner with my family on Saturday at my sisters, and dinner with Tom's family on Sunday at his dad's. The weather was halfway decent for both days, which was a nice treat. Today is cloudy and rainy, which looks to be the trend for most of this week. Hello, spring! Our flowers and grass have to be loving this.

Last week, our daughter discovered an opportunity to live and work near Virginia Beach, Virginia, and she's really excited to move there and start a new chapter in her young life. One of her college roommates who lives in Virginia Beach and has a job as a Veterinary Technician, had been telling Angela that the number of veterinary hospitals in that area were staggering, and many were hiring (unlike here), and she invited Ang to come live with her while Ang gets herself established down there and into a place of her own. Even though Angela has a full-time Veterinary Technician job near our house, the managers at this place are very unprofessional in their animal care, and in the care of their employees, and so Angela is excited to move elsewhere and find a job at another veterinary hospital. She has already heard back from a hospital in Chesapeake, VA (just west of Virginia Beach), and following a telephone interview with her, they are VERY excited to meet her in person and possibly offer her a job. Angela's tax refund should arrive this week, and as soon as she gets it, she and another friend from high school plan to head to VA that day so she can (hopefully) interview with as many vet hospitals as she can, check out apartments, etc. She'll then come back home (hopefully with a job offer), pack what she can in her car, and head back to VA to work probably around May 1. Once she's able to save up the money for a place of her own, she can come back here and move her furniture back to VA. At least that's the tentative plan.

Tom & I are definitely excited for Angela and this wonderful opportunity, but we'll certainly miss her if/when she moves. She is, after all, our only child. However, we're looking forward to watching our little "chick" fly the coop and work to make it in this world, and you can bet that we'll try to visit her as often as we can if she does move. She traveled to Virginia Beach once before on a band trip in high school, and she really liked it there. So...GO, ANG! We wish you the best of luck, honey, and you know we'll be here for you if you need us, and you can come back home anytime if you need to.  :-)


  1. Go Ang! Hope it all works out for her and gives you guys a nice place to visit!

  2. It's so hard to let them go so far away. But, fly they must. Virginia Beach IS a nice place to visit--I love the ocean.

  3. That "Kinect" game looks like fun! Virginia Beach sounds like a great place to live or visit!

  4. It is hard to see them move away, but they must spread their wings! :-) Glad that you are happy for her...I know it's not easy for you, but it will help her!

  5. Our Easter was filled with family and friends and hysterical games as well! Long weekends with my family are something I really treasure! My sister is a Vet Tech in Dillon, SC and loves the work. We are all so dotty about our pets I'm shocked that we don't have a Vet in the family yet...putting my money on our granddaugher, Arianna tho! We were stationed in Virginia Beach years ago and loved it there. I'm sure your daughter will, too!

  6. I'm so glad you had a day to rest while also knowing you enjoyed the Holy Week.

    Yes, we have to let them fly, but in my case my one and only lives with me at the moment. I feel very blessed that "we" have a place just as my parents did for me when I needed it. I hope your daughter gets the perfect job! :)

    Oh, and that picture of the little girl is my great-granddaugher. Yeah, I'm a very young great-grandmother, and I LOVE it! (well not that young). :)

  7. How wonderful she'll get the chance to work in such a beautiful part of the country! Gorgeous state!
    Love the photo! fun that looks!
    Happy day Girl!