Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This and That

I was checking out our front flower garden today, and found that some of our hyacinths are blooming, but I think we need to add some nourishment to the soil because for the past few years, our hyacinths have become more and more wimpy-looking. (I apologize for the photo not being clearer, but all I had on me at the time was my cell phone camera.) Do you gardeners out there think a healthy sprinkling of Miracle Gro would help?

These are plants that I purchased through our church's "Buy a Plant for Easter" program. They look MUCH healthier than the ones already in our garden. I'm sure it's because they were grown in a greenhouse. I plan to plant these two above my mom's grave stone as soon as they're done flowering.

After taking the above flower photos, I was in the mood to take some pics of our Miss Becky! (Again, with my cell phone camera, so they aren't all purty and such.) In the top photo, she was watching a squirrel in the back yard through our doorwall; in the bottom one...well...she was just being her lazy ol' self laying around in our living room. You can see her large, fatty tumor on her shoulder in the bottom pic. It's grown so much larger over the past year, but we just don't have the money to have the vet remove it, and he said as long as it's not bothering her, we shouldn't worry too much about it. Plus, surgery at her age (12 years) might be dangerous. Still...we feel bad for her, and it certainly is an eyesore.
We love you, Becky!!!!!


  1. Aww sweet Becky! I forgot how big she was!!

  2. I can relate to Miss Becky; have one on my leg that the dr said the same thing!

    Your flowers are lovely! :)