Monday, April 11, 2011

My, How Time Flies

Ahhhh! Time has gotten away from me the past few days! I've truly been meaning to update my Blog, but just haven't found the time to do it. And what has occupied my time? Well...

Saturday was filled with a combination of working at my day job (church work), and also helping to greet, organize, cook for, and transport 32 high school choir kids that came into town, and visited our church Saturday and Sunday. The kids were from Greendale, WI (near Milwaukee maybe?), and from the same high school and choir that our very own pastor attended/was part of 20 years ago. It was such a joy for him to welcome the choir director (who was also HIS choir director 20 years prior) and some of the chaperones who were his former classmates. And boy, could those kids SING!!! What talent. They gave a performance Saturday night for the public, and then sang several songs during our church service on Sunday.

Five of our church families played host to the kids Saturday night, letting them sleep over and feeding them breakfast in the morning. The kids got to sleepover in groups of anywhere from 4-8, and they had a blast, as did the host families. I don't believe our congregation has ever met 32 nicer, more mature, or polite kids. Both the kids, and the host families, felt blessed for having gotten to know each other. It was great.

I didn't take any kids home with me (we didn't have enough available beds in our house), but I did help transport a group of 8 boys to a host's house about a mile from our church. These boys had me cracking up laughing. They all had so much personality and stories to tell (their 5-day choir tour had already taken them to sing in churches in Toronto and middle Ohio). I also returned to the host's house Sunday morning at 8:15 a.m. to help take the boys back to church. They were eating breakfast as I arrived, and it seemed that as fast as Jim (their host) was making scrambled eggs and pancakes, the boys were devouring them! It was like watching piranhas attack a school of goldfish! LOL I was smart though. I stood back against a vacant kitchen wall and kept my fingers clear of their dishes. :-)

Following church, Bible Class, and then a 30-minute Church Council Meeting I had to attend (I'm the church's Financial Secretary too), I came right home and....well...I wanted to nap, but Tom had just arrived home from his Lumberjack weekend. We caught up on his "male bonding" experiences (he had a blast), he showed me all the cool photos he had taken, and THEN I took a nap. I had pert near run myself ragged!

Somehow, the rest of  Sunday flew by. It was gorgeous outside, but we really didn't take advantage of it (I have no idea why) as we found things to do inside the house. With our luck, the temps won't climb back into the 80's now until September. LOL Maybe we missed the warm-weather bus, but I sure hope not!

Tonight was full of errand-running, which we did together, but the night flew by (again), and so here I sit at 11:50 thinking to myself, "I AM going to update my Blog, darn it!"

OK, Blog. I've done my part. You're updated. I'm relieved. And now I'm heading to bed. Nite all!  :-)


  1. Awwww - love the story about the teenagers. This takes me back to being a counselor for the 14-18 age teens from our church (back in the dark ages). I LOVED it! My daughter was little and the mascot. We did all sorts of things, camping was the one they enjoyed the most! Of course, we met on Sunday and Wednesday night evenings at the church, and I had them over to my home one weekday night. This was when I'd let them talk about anything and everything. They were so interesting! Those were some really good times!

    Have a great day, Debbie!

  2. I did that once-hosted a couple of choir kids that came too our school. I had the best time.

  3. Hi Debbie, just came in to say hi and thanks for stopping in to see have had a busy time of it haven't you? How I would love it if that wonderful choir could come visit our little church by the roadside where everyone is someone! Douglas Mill Baptist Church would greet them warmly for sure! So glad that your days are filled with what seems like loads of fun.

  4. Well, you DID have a busy weekend! Bet it was enjoyable!

  5. It was great to read your posts, ladies, and to learn that you've had great experiences with high school kids too. Yes, Sally, kids that age can be quite interesting and it seems they always have something to say (for better, or

    Sandi--you're welcome. It was my pleasure to stop in and check out your Blog, and I'm glad you did the same for me. I sure hope you guys don't have a lot of severe weather this weekend. The Weather Channel said the severe storms that have been plaguing the south will be moving into the Carolinas this weekend. I'll be keeping you and your family in my prayers!