Monday, April 4, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Today I feel like throwing a whole bunch of small comments on my blog as a reflection of my mind's ability to be in 12 places at once. (No, I'm not a Schizophrenic, thankfully!)

I sure wish I could dance like those dancers on Dancing With the Stars! They're so graceful and smooth. You can tell they've devoted years to practicing their craft. I don't have that kind of patience and dedication, but they sure are fun to watch!

My cold is about 80% better now! Still having some sneezing & sinus issues, but I can function somewhat normally (or at least fake it for the most part). Unfortunately, my hubby is down with what I had, and he's absolutely miserable. Poor guy. He had to come home from work after 1/2 day at the office, and who knows if he'll make it into work tomorrow. We normally share almost everything with each other, but I truly didn't mean to share my cold with him!

While at work today, one of our church members stopped by to drop off DOZENS of fresh farm eggs that he and his wife get from the many and various birds on their farm. We then sell the eggs to our members as a fundraiser, then donate the remainder to area food pantries. I don't know why, but whenever he makes these kinds of "drop-offs," the shape, size and color of the eggs just amaze me. There were two types of chicken eggs (one group was small and blue in color), and eggs from ducks, turkeys and geese. GEESE? Yeah, and they were HUGE! All I could think to say while our Pastor & I were loading the eggs into our church's kitchen refrigerator was, "Well, no wonder geese make such a racket when flying overhead! They're probably in pain from pushing out such large eggs!" My hubby & I have had fun cooking with all the different egg types over the past 4 months, and they're all really good. (TIP: 1 goose egg = 2 chicken eggs.) If you ever get a chance to try out various egg types, give them a shot ( scramble)!

Oh, and the egg donor also asked if Pastor & I wanted rabbits for Easter. We both immediately responded, "NO!" So then the guy asked, "OK, how about not as pets, but as meat for rabbit stew?" I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. Poor bunnies. He was able to talk Pastor & I into taking some rabbit meat sometime down the road, but I did add the stipulation, "It has to be dressed and ready to cook. I don't want to see ANY fur!" A view like that would just break my heart.

I don't normally sleep well at night, so I decided to try some sleeping pills (over the counter) tonight and see how that goes. If you see my typing go all wacky here shortly, you'll know why.  :-)  (They are starting to work though as I do feel a little sleepy.)

Is tomorrow Friday yet? If not, it should be. lol

The weather here today was odd. When I left for work, it was in the 60's with a warm, strong breeze blowing out of the southwest. Then the temperature took a dunk in the toilet and it's now 39 degrees. Hmph! Thanks a lot, Weatherman, you Indian Giver!

Does anybody have any  Grey Poupon? (See? These pills are starting to work already!)

OK. I better get to bed before I fall asleep in my computer chair. Have a great night, everyone!


  1. I've tried goose eggs before and turkey...nice!!
    Glad you're felling better and sorry hubby Isn't!
    Y'all Get Well Soon!

  2. For some reason eating eggs other than chicken eggs ooks me out, except for Cadbury Eggs or Malted Robins Eggs. Those don't ook me out at all!! When we lived in Redford we used to have a neighbor that raised rabbits for meat and fur. One day we took the kids to see the bunnies and he was pointing out the rabbits that were scheduled to "go" that day! I was like "La la la la I do not want to hear you" Poor bunnies :(

  3. Oh man, I could NEVER eat rabbit! My dad raised them and one day, my mom cooked some. I do believe that's the day I ran away from home. lol

    Feel better, and I'm with Jeanette - cadbury for me, thank you!! :)

  4. When I was a kid we had ducks who laid eggs all over the farmstead and mom would cook with them to make cakes. We had a small novelty chicken called bannie I don't know the spelling but we would pick those little eggs up and bring them in to the house for use also.

  5. I'm with you ladies...give me Cadbury eggs ANY DAY.

    Larry--were they small blue eggs? We have a farming family that donates several dozen eggs to our church once a month (for the needy), and they told us that the small, blue eggs were from Banty chickens. Sounds like what you're describing.