Friday, April 15, 2011

Baseball and Apple Pie

Today was payday for both hubby & me--woo hoo! We rarely splurge on items for ourselves being the frugal couple this world forces us to be, but tonight we made plans to drive to our local Wal-mart store to buy me a spring jacket with a hood, and him a new pair of tennis shoes. (Yes, this is what we old folks do nowadays on a Friday

I prefer jackets--winter, spring, or otherwise--with hoods because since I was a young girl, I've always had an issue with the wind blowing my hair around and messing it up. (I know, it sounds vain, but wait until you hear why!) When I was 8 and 9 years old, I had thick hair down to my waist, and my mom used to struggle (and try not to cuss) while trying to get a brush through it. Whenever it would get wind-blown, it would get so tangly that I'd hide from her so she couldn't find me and brush it because it hurt when she did (she never had the patience to SLOWLY brush out the tangles).

I remember when my grandmother bought a used Thunderbird convertible, and she'd take us kids around town in it. The neighborhood kids would say to me, "Wow! How cool that you get to ride around with the top down!" and I remember answering, "No, not cool! All that does is tangle my hair!"  LOL  One day, when my mom got tired of fighting with me over brushing my hair, she suddenly dropped the hairbrush, picked up a pair of scissors that were sitting on her end table, and before I knew what hit me, she'd cut my hair up to the bottom of my ears! I was just devastated and I cried. She cut it just a few days before school pictures were taken and I absolutely HATED that photo of me. Ever since then, I haven't liked the wind blowing my hair around and if it's windy outside, I always put up my hood. (OK, so maybe my reasons for not liking the wind-blown look aren't as convincing as I'd hoped. But can see my side of the story, right?)  :-)

But I hubby & I went to Wal-mart to buy TWO SIMPLE, ALL-AMERICAN TYPE ITEMS that ANY department-type store should have on hand--spring jackets and tennis shoes. Only there were NO ladies' jackets of any kind to be found, and very few tennis shoes for men. And the ones my hubby did find weren't in his size--an average guy size of 12. Disappointed, we put our empty shopping cart back and walked out of Wal-mart totally dazed and confused, with large, invisible question marks hanging over our heads. How could this have happened? I mean, we almost always find what we need at Wal-mart! No jackets? Only 1 row of tennis shoes? These items are akin to baseball and apple pie! How un-American!!!  LOL

And so, we'll try again tomorrow at nearby K-mart and Meijer stores. In the meantime, the winds tonight are just howling outside, and I am, once again, looking forward to finding that cute, hooded spring jacket that I KNOW is out there somewhere with my name on it.

G'nite all!


  1. Well if you can't find it at Meijer or K-Mart it probably doesn't exist!! The wind is howling outside and its raining! I have to go to the store for fugasa ingredients and I am dreading it! Have a good weekend chickie!

  2. Oh goodness, I can so relate to you hating the school picture of your short hair! Mine is hideous in my SENIOR picture! Also, one time my mom put a Toni home permanent in mine; it was awful!

    My brother & sis in law used to go to wallyworld every friday night, and my brother would get so aggravated. My SIL takes forever shopping; she looks at what it seems like every.single.thing in the store. I refuse to go with her anymore! If she calls and asks "you wanna go?" now, I just say "R u outta your mind?"

    Have a blessed day, Debbie. I'm so glad you've joined blogworld, love reading your posts!

  3. Well, shipments on all sorts of things are slowing down all Over! They are trying to reduce inventory...The Gov's figures on how our economy is Improving is a lie...We can look around and see for ourselves that it's not. People just do not have all this money to shop with! It's Maddening!!!
    Hope you found what y'all needed Deb!
    Oh, and I was 5 with waist length Beautiful hair...when I, myself, tried to cut the rubber band out of my ponytail...think I was surprised to see the whole ponytail laying in my Hand...Hahahaaa...

  4. I have noticed that Target has practically phased out most all of men shoes. Jackets with hoods require brand names on them by some people so they have become slim to none. I watched guys shoes while I was in Target and most of them are wearing what I can't pay or won't pay. Good luck on the hunt. It is getting bad when the discounts are phasing out the practical things.

  5. Well, I'm glad the absence of some every day products wasn't just our imagination! I never did continue my search for a spring jacket (got busy with...stuff?), but I found some good deals online (recommended by a friend), so will probably order a jacket from them.

    I sure wish this economy would straighten out!!!

    And thank you, Laura, for that wonderful Blogger Award! It's my first, and I was really surprised. :-)