Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Sound of Music

I had fun at church choir practice tonight. But I have to say, learning a large quantity of music for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday can be pretty taxing at times. And confusing too! I can never remember which pieces we're singing on which days.

I usually sing the Alto part, but sometimes, our director has me singing up high with the soprano ladies, and other times she tells me to sing an octave higher along with the basses (the guys). Can you believe that?  Given a choice, I definitely prefer to sing in the "girly" section, but I always try to give those boys a run for their money whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Being a self-taught music reader, I know the note names well enough, but singing them on pitch is always a stretch. Learning a new song usually means listening to my part over and over again. I'm sure that drives my hubby nuts (oh, wait...he was nuts when I married him, so I guess nothing's changed).  LOL

I also get to fill in as a handbell ringer once in a while when the director needs a substitute, like when a regular ringer is absent. When we first got handbells at our congregation, I directed the bell choir because we HAD no music director. That experience was rather like the blind leading the blind, but we all learned a lot, and I was proud of the ringers for playing so well during church services. Now we have a musically-trained director, Pastor's wife, and she really knows her stuff!

It's fun to fill in as a ringer, although I normally don't get to see the pieces I'll be helping out on until a few days before a rehearsal. Since I don't want to be a detriment to the regular ringers, I cheat:  I copy the music, then highlight the notes I'm supposed to play. Hey, whatever works, ya know?

Anyway, I think life is a lot more fun and enjoyable with the sound of music in it. Singing, dancing, ringing, listening...all of it makes life just a little bit sweeter.  Have an awesome week, everyone!


  1. Remember when we were in the bell choir at St. Pauls? Most nerve-wracking night of my life! I had so many marks on my sheet of music that you could not even recognize the music anymore!

  2. Debbie,
    First thanks for stopping by my blog and your words of encoragement!!
    I'm glad you discovered me or I never would have been able to read your blog. I love it!!
    The title of your last post "the sound of music" made me smile the instant I read it.
    The Sound of Music, my all time favorite movie.
    Then there is the fact I LOVE music too, music of most every genre.
    I look forward to reading your future posts. Would love for some of your readers to check my blog out...I'm hoping for a bigger blog family to connect with :-)
    Good luck with you Easter music !!
    P.S. I too have a crazy husband LOL

  3. Loved the Sound of Music as well...Music for me makes me...sigh, with a smile!
    Happy weekend!!

  4. Ah, this so reminds me of my younger days singing in the choir at church. Unfortunately, my voice changed way too much!! But, I love music and thank nice people like you who sing for us!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Jeanette--yes, I remember playing bells in St. Paul's choir! You and I were shaking in our boots! LOL
    Debi--no problem. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Blog posts, and I promise to stop by there regularly. Thanks for visiting my Blog too!
    Donna & Sally--isn't it awesome that music is such common ground for so many people? I loved the Sound of Music too!

  6. They sit me in the back row of the congregation as far away as possible from the choir so as not to have me join in with tunes.