Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peace to You During This Holy Week

Well, this is Holy Week, and as a Christian and a church worker, I have to say that it's a very significant time in the life of the church and also in my own life. Tom and I will be attending several worship services this week including my favorite, the joyous celebration of Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday morning. I'll be singing with our church choir that morning (and during Maundy Thursday's service), as will our Youth Choir. Our handbell choir will also be playing. I always look forward to seeing all the little girls in their fru-fru fancy dresses and little hats. I miss being able to dress our daughter like that, but at her age, I'm just happy to have her in church with me on Easter!

Do any of you have special plans for Easter? Tom and I look forward to sharing dinner with our families--my family will be gathering at my sister's house Saturday afternoon, and  Tom's family will gather at his dad's house Sunday afternoon.

Of course, this week will be really busy for me at work. I have to complete 4 worship service bulletins by Friday (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday noon worship, Good Friday Tenebrae service and Eater Sunday) AND start work on the monthly church newsletter that has to be done by next Wednesday morning. Ahhhhh! But it's always like this during Holy Week, and after being at my job for 12 years now, I'm used to it. Somehow, it all gets done.

Oh, and before I forget, thanks, Jeanette, for stopping by today and dropping off a loaf of the Fugasa bread you made! Tom and I each had a piece and it was delicious!

Wow, thanks so much to my blogger friend, Laura, from A Simple Happy Life who kindly awarded me this Kreative Blogger Award. It was certainly unexpected, and very much appreciated.  :-)

According to Laura, I'm now supposed to list 10 things about myself. Hmm...I never know what to say about me, but here goes I guess:

1. I'm the oldest of four children.
2. I've lived in Michigan my entire life.
3. I love purses (just like my sister-in-law, Jeanette!), but limit myself to buying only one or two a year and I always try to make sure they're on sale.
4. It's difficult for me to live in Michigan sometimes because our state only gets 75 sunny days/year and that can be really depressing for me.
5. I LOVE to camp!
6. I'm a huge animal lover.
7. I went away to college (Central Michigan University) to become a radio d.j. and worked at the college radio station. Somehow, I ended up going into office administration, financial reporting and bookkeeping. Go figure.
8. Just like most mom's, I believe you can NEVER give your kids too many hugs.  :-)
9. My hubby & I can't wait to retire, and we'd love to buy a used RV and travel the U.S.
10. My hubby is my very best friend and makes me laugh A LOT.

By the way, I never did continue shopping and looking for a spring jacket. A girlfriend told me about an online company called "" that has quality clothing for good prices, and I found a couple of jackets I like there, so I'll probably order my jacket from them. Just thought I'd share the website in case anyone is interested.

The weather has been awful here the past two days--cold, snowy and windy. I hate cold winds! We're supposed to have possible thunderstorms tonight. We'll see. I'll take those if it means having warmer temps later this week.

Have a wonderful and blessed Holy Week, everyone, and I hope your weather is much better than ours! Hugs!


  1. You're a busy lady! But, it sounds as though you really enjoy your work, and that's a beautiful gift.

    Enjoyed reading the ten things; a radio dj - wow! And, for sure we can't give our kids too many hugs!

    Hope you have a blessed Holy Week, Debbie. I'm sure with the Lord's help, you'll get everything done and have time to really enjoy being with your families also.

    I'm gonna have to speak to Jeanette and find out she didn't drop off some of that bread to me. LOL

  2. I recall this being a very busy week when I was a church secretary all those years ago! I also recall that you did have a really nice radio voice! Glad you enjoyed the fugasa! See ya on Sunday!

  3. God is so good...He let me find you and Tom!
    Happy Easter to you sweetheart....
    Oh, and hubby and I love camping too...We have a 5th wheel but haven't taken it out in over a year! All we Ever seem to do is work...

  4. Just checked out Haband and they have clothing in my size!?! Thanks.

  5. I love this time of year--the beginning of Christianity--when Jesus came off that cross and out of that tomb. A whole new beginning and new life. Have a lovely Easter.