Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Saturday Surprise

My goodness, the week has flown by so quickly that it's already Saturday night and I haven't posted anything in days. I'm slipping! Then again, it sounds like Blogspot was down for a day for maintenance, so maybe I'm not as behind as I thought I was.

The big news is that the Detroit Red Wings lost (barely) Game 7 of their play-off round, and so Tom got to keep his hair on his head. While he was sad that the Wings lost, he was RELIEVED that he didn't have to have his head shaved by his co-workers! He did mention that he had learned his lesson, and will NEVER make a bet like that again. LOL

I drove to my sister's house this afternoon to help her pick out paint colors for every room in her house. I think they've lived there maybe 5-7 years now, and the cheap-o, flat paint the builder used was marred and wearing thin. She lives about 35 minutes from our place. Her painter starts work Monday and she hopes to have the entire house done by the end of this week. She's also buying new family room carpet and furniture, and I can't wait to see what everything looks like when it's finished!

Our prodigal daughter came home from Virginia today, which was a welcome surprise to her dad & me! I, of course, just had to give her a bunch of hugs, although I did have to wait in line behind her two cats in order to do this as they had missed her an awful lot. Since she wasn't able to secure a job in VA within the past 2 weeks, she decided to come home and re-charge her batteries (not literally, of course). Wouldn't you know it though, right after she arrived home, she checked her email and there was note from another vet wanting to interview her?! She plans to get back with them on Monday, but now that she has out-of-state job hunting experience under her belt, I do believe she'll try to come as close to possible to securing a job over the phone before driving back to VA again. We'll see how this goes.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. Aw, I know you were SO glad to see your girl! The right job will come along, I know it will.

    Hey, I hope your sister is faster than my sis-in-law in choosing paint colors; my brother says it may be August before she decides for ONE room. LOL

    Sorry the team lost, but I was kinda looking forward to seeing a bald Tom. LOL

  2. I was texting with Ang yesterday and she told me she was on her way home! Glad tom got to keep his hair but he would have looked cute bald, too!

  3. How wonderful that you're getting to visit with your daughter again!

  4. Well, I'm praying she gets a Dream Job closer to home!Hahaaa
    And Happy Tom got to keep his locks! That was a Close Shave....Hahahaa...I need coffee..

  5. Yes, a phone interview might be the ticket. It helped for her to go there to see what she likes and doesn't like about the place.