Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LOST: Blue Skies and Sunshine. If Found, Please Return to Michigan ASAP!

In spite of all the COLD, NASTY, RAINY weather we've had the past 5 days, my tulips in the front flower garden are doing quite well, and I'm rather impressed with them. Left is a large, yellow tulip that has to be at least 2' tall. It stands way taller than the others around it. It was practically BEGGING me to take its picture, so of course, I obliged.

I've been having some issues with dizziness and high blood pressure this week, so I decided to stop in to my doc's office yesterday to see what she thought. Turns out the dizziness was caused by allergies--a very congested sinus cavity on the left side of my face, and a eustation tube filled with fluid in my right ear. The doc gave me an Rx for some steroidal nasal spray that will hopefully help. As far as the elevated BP goes, it was definitely too high, so the doc switched my BP meds to include a diuretic that's supposed to decrease the amount of fluid in my body. Boy Joe Howdy, is that ever fun to deal with!  NOT!  We only have 1 set of restrooms in our church, and they are located at the opposite end of the building from my office. The good news is that I'm getting lots of extra exercise now; the bad news is that at this rate, the church budget will have to be increased to cover the extra amount of hand soap and paper hand towels I'm using!

Work has been unusually busy this week. Between the phone ringing off the hook, and the frequent visitors and church people who have stopped by needing stuff, Pastor & I are about to lose our minds as we're having difficulty getting this week's work done. I wonder how much trouble I'd get into if I removed the "Church Office" sign from my door and replaced it with the one on the left--permanently.  LOL

I was supposed to be working on my "Book of Joshua" Bible study homework this evening in preparation for tomorrow night's group Bible study at our Pastor's house. However, I got so busy reading and commenting on all your interesting blogs, as well as updating my own, that here I sit at 11:16 p.m. and it's bedtime for me. I hope you guys don't mind my using the "my friends' blogs were so interesting that I couldn't get my homework finished" excuse for tomorrow night. Oh, and if our pastor happens to call or email any of you in an attempt to confirm my story, just tell him that you've never heard of me.  :-)

Tonight's choir practice went pretty well. Our Choir Director, who is our pastor's wife, spent a good two minutes very patiently teaching our group what a certain musical mark meant. Five minutes later as we were supposed to start singing the piece, most of the choir gave her a blank stare and asked, "What does that musical notation mean and how are we supposed to sing this part?" ROFL  She again, very patiently, explained the musical mark to us, and was even kind enough to omit the words, "You bunch of ding-dongs" at the end of her explanation. I swear, that woman has the patience of a saint!

Well, I hear my bed calling my name from the 2nd floor, so I better get to snoozing. Have a wonderful week, everyone!


  1. Ouch! Dizziness and sinus problems=no fun! I'm sorry you're experiencing that, and hope the meds work quickly for you!

    No, I haven't heard from your pastor yet, but I'm ready for him. LOL

    Feel better soon, nice lady. :)

  2. issues on top of crappy weather makes for a bad week!! If you figure out a way to go on a permanent vacation let me know!!

  3. Debbie? Debbie Who?Hahaaa

    I have the Same nose problem at times...makes you feel Awful! Glad you got the meds for it. Take care of that BP!!
    Now Get some rest!!

  4. Yes we are promised to be warmer and I think it will be coming your way. The drizzle has finally stopped here and the temp almost made it to 70 yesterday. Busy seems to make you more busy as others want to join in with their busy.

  5. I hope you get to feeling better soon! That dizziness is no fun! We've had cold weather too but now the AC is on. The weather has been nuts!