Friday, May 6, 2011

Will My Hubby Have His Head Shaved--Bald???

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm so grateful that the work week is over. I didn't have to work late today and I don't have to work tomorrow, so I'm a happy girl!

My depression has decreased somewhat the past few days, thankfully. Yesterday was sunny and in the 60's; today it rained on and off, but the temps were still in the 60's. I do believe the warmer weather and some sunshine have done me wonders. Sometimes our Michigan winters are just too long for me.

At the end of the work day today, our current Pastor and I were honored by a visit from our church's 2nd pastor (1989-1998) who is now the Assistant to the President of our entire Synod (in St. Louis, Mo.). My husband and I became great friends with him and his wife before they moved to St. Louis for his work there. And our current pastor became friends with him when he (the current pastor) attended the seminary in St. Louis a few years ago. Gosh, it was good to see him and catch up on things with him, his wife, and their 2 adult kids. What a great ending to the work week!

Angela didn't get the first job she interviewed for early this week, which made her irritated because the office manager, who had been emailing with Angela when she was still in Michigan, gave Ang the impression that she would most likely be given the job. In the end, the bosses decided they didn't want to pay an actual Vet Technician to do the work; instead, they opted to promote one of their lower-paid employees and teach them the work. That's very unfortunate for Angela, but she did have an interview yesterday with another vet office. They said they'd be making a decision on Monday, so we, and she, are keeping our fingers crossed!

Thank all of you for your prayers for our friend, Scott's family. His funeral was "up north" today. None of my family could get off work to attend, but his widow was nice enough to post a few pictures on Facebook of everyone releasing balloons after his cemetery interment, so at least those of us who couldn't make it felt as if we were there. We will continue to pray for his wife and 4 kids as they struggle to heal and move on.

I"m excited that our grass is finally long enough to cut! Hubby says he plans to fire up "the beast" tomorrow and cut the back lawn. "The Beast" is his ancient riding lawn mower (it's probably 25 years old) that his dad gave him probably 12 years ago because it wasn't running. He fixed it (he's good with repairing small engines), but it's falling apart. The gear selection plate fell off last year, so now we have to guess when putting it into a gear; the engine will no longer turn off when you turn the key off, so we have to flood the mower out using the choke; after the mower runs for a while, you see smoke coming from under the hood from where oil has dripped on the engine, etc. HOWEVER, Tom loves that silly tractor! Each spring, he talks sweet to it and pats the seat lovingly as he tries to start it saying, "C'mon, Old Girl. Start for me, OK?" And I'll be doggone if that tractor doesn't start every time! I'll have to post a picture of it later this summer so you can see what I'm talking about. I do have to say though, I started riding it to cut the back lawn 3 years ago, and it is a lot of fun to drive. I actually enjoy cutting the lawn on that thing.'s an eyesore, for sure. I'll letcha know if it decides to cooperate and start this year. I swear, Tom talks more lovingly to that tractor than he does to me! LOL

Tom's Red Wings are doing terrible in the playoffs, and even though they won tonight's game, they're still behind in the series, 3-1. Tom doesn't think they're going to make it out of this round; his co-workers think the Wings will win the next 3 games straight and take the series. And so they made Tom a bet at work today: if the Wings make it out of this round, Tom has to sit in a chair in the middle of the lunchroom at work and let his co-workers take turns shaving his head with electric trimmers. And Tom agreed!!! When he told me that, my mouth fell open. "You did what?" I asked in disbelief! Oh, boy. No wonder when the Wings won tonight's game in overtime he mumbled under his breath, "Oh, crap." ROFL Again, I'll keep ya posted on the outcome of this one.

I hope all you moms have a wonderful Mother's Day. Enjoy your time with family and/or friends, and be sure to get some relaxation in too!


  1. Hahahaaaa....ohNoooo...Well, make Sure you post a photo!!Lolol
    Praying for Angela! Poor thing! That's not right to build up one's hope like that...Why couldn't they just do the honorable thing and hire her? Always about the $$$ isn't it...
    Happy Mother's Day sweet friend!

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling less depressed, Debbie. It's a terrible place to be, and I can commiserate on that with you although I'm very thankful I haven't had a flare-up in a while!

    Please, oh please send pics of your hubby when his head is shaved!! :)

    I'm saying a little prayer for Angela that the best job for her will come soon!

    Happy Mother's day to you! ((hugs))

  3. Happy Mother's Day! LOL, it could be worse about your husband's bet. It could have been for YOUR hair to be shaved! Best wishes to your daughter in landing the job of her dreams. If the first one didn't pan out, then it just wasn't meant to be!