Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mish-Mash Report

Here it is, almost bedtime again, and this is the first chance I've had in a while to update my blog. With the weather getting nicer it seems Tom & I are always doing something, so that leaves less time for me to play "I-witness reporter" on my blog. Time sure does tend to get away from us! 

Tom and I had a really nice weekend and it was made even better by the sunshine and nice temperatures (around 80) both days. Friday night, I left from work and drove maybe 20 minutes south in order to meet my (only) sister after she got off work for a matinee movie, then dinner. We saw "Bridesmaids" because all the girls at her work had seen it and they thought it was hilarious. It did have some funny parts, but I didn't crack up laughing nearly as much as my sister did. (Am I becoming way too serious as I get older???) The movie had a lot of "bathroom humor" which, for a group of bridesmaids, seemed rather odd, but whatever. It was cute I guess. After the movie, we stayed in the mall, found an Olga's Kitchen, and had dinner there. It's probably been 10 years since I've eaten at an Olga's, and the food was good. Anyway, I had a blast with my sister. :-)

On my way home from dinner, Tom texted me that he was over at some friends' house and he asked if I could join him, so I did. These included some of the couples that we camp with at the Rifle River (including the 1 couple that owns the property), and we always have fun when we're with them. The bunch of us took out our calendars and planned some additional trips to the river, as well as some actual trailer/tent camping elsewhere in lower Michigan this summer. Tom & I are looking forward to that as we LOVE camping!

On Saturday, Tom & I kept falling asleep in our chairs throughout the afternoon. There was such a wonderful breeze blowing through all our open windows and we were so comfy in our chairs that we couldn't get out of them.  LOLOL  Now we seem to have permanent "butt marks" in our chairs from sitting/sleeping in them so much. lol (Not really, but we will have if we don't get off our duffs more on the weekends!)

Saturday night, I had to go in to work for 3 hours or so to finish up Sunday's worship bulletin. If I could have gotten out of my chair earlier in the day, I could have gone in earlier, but as I said above, THAT just didn't happen.

Today was nice too. Tom & I attended church, then Bible Study, and it was our pastor's birthday so a group of us surprised him with a cake and sang Happy Birthday to him. He was very surprised and had a look of, "OK, you guys got me" on his face. Later today, Tom's dad stopped by and we got to visit with him for a few hours and wish him a happy Father's Day. It's always good to see him. I tried to call my dad this afternoon and evening to give him our Father's Day wishes, but he must have had his cell phone off because he didn't answer. (I know he's OK though because I talked to one of my brothers earlier, and he and his wife had just taken him out to dinner for Father's Day.) I'll try to call him again tomorrow. Better late than never, right?

Tom & I wound up changing our anniversary plans from a day of walking around downtown Detroit and the Detroit River yesterday, to going out to a nice Mexican restaurant tomorrow night with my youngest brother and his wife (and my niece) who are in town from Nevada. Their anniversary date is the same at ours, so we thought we'd celebrate it together. No pics of downtown Detroit, the Canadian border and the Detroit  River though. That will have to wait for another time.

All is well with Angela and her job. AND we are thankful that her friend, Doc, who moved to FL with her also got a full-time job last week, so he'll be able to pay half the house rent like he's supposed to.

Angela continues to find all kinds of strange animals around her work at night, and she's taken several pictures and posted them on Facebook. The newest ones include a family of 4 Florida black water snakes that live around the base of her building (ugh! they look to be 3'-4' long and I'm assuming they are poisonous), a couple of 5" long "walking sticks" that were mating on the exterior of her building, and then there's the ever elusive (and to date, non-photographable) black panther that lives in the high weeds behind her building. While she's walking dogs outdoors that she's helping to treat in the ICU at night, she can hear the panther(s) growling, and then some squealing as they kill small animals and eat them. Again, YUCK! Today she was wading in the ocean and saw around her a small stingray, large crab and some kind of saw nosed fish, or saw nosed shark or whatever. Whenever she calls us now, we feel like we're talking to a combination of Steve Irwin and Jacques Cousteau's ghosts all wrapped up on one!!!  LOL

Last week, Ang worked five, 12-hour days (the last one being Saturday night), and now she doesn't have to go back to work until Thursday, so she plans to spend some quality time driving around, seeing the local sights, and hanging out on the beaches. We're so glad she's happy and adjusting well to her new life.

Wow, it's past my bedtime, so I better hit the hay. My goal this week is to also make time to get caught up on reading all of your blogs! You guys always write such interesting stuff.  :-)  Wish me luck with that!

Hope this week is relaxing and enjoyable for everyone!


  1. We're glad Angela is doing so well in Florida. She's happy and that's what matters most! Have a good week, Deb.

  2. I'm glad that Angela doesn't let that "wildlife" spook her too much. I'd be outta there in a heartbeat!! And, no I'm not kidding. :)

    Have a blessed day, Debbie! ((hugs))

  3. A PANTHER??? Omg.....
    I'm with Sally!Hahaaa
    Glad your weekend was a peaceful and relaxing one!!

  4. Wow, that was an action-packed post! Well, except for the afternoon nap, LOL. Naps are GREAT for grownups too! And I think I would be a bit unnerved by a panther hiding in the weeds. I'm rather brave, but not THAT brave!

  5. Angela's area sounds so interesting with the panthers, stingrays and saw-nosed fish and all.

    Your double anniversary dinner plans sound great, enjoy!