Sunday, June 26, 2011

Strike up the Band, Baby!

Boy, I had a wonderful time this afternoon listening to my youngest brother, Mike, play guitar and sing with his old bandmates. It's been 8 years since those 6 guys played together, but they quickly got up to speed as probably 40 friends and family looked on, clapped and thoroughly enjoyed the music. My oldest brother, Bob, put on the event, letting the band use one of his newly cleaned-out auto shop garages, and Bob also supplied all the food and pop/water for everyone. He's really good about doing stuff like that, especially when it comes to family, and I know our youngest brother REALLY appreciated it. Halfway through the event, my niece, Riley, went up to the microphone and sang a solo, a capella, mind you, with words to a song that she had written herself--very complex words, I might add. She has a beautiful voice. I had no idea! Also, toward the end of the night, I got brave and grabbed a tambourine and jammed with the guys.  LOLOL  Mike was shocked and kept giving me "high fives" saying, "Dang girl, you're GOOD with that thing!"  ROFL  I had a riot, no doubt.

Photos from the event are below. I also took a video of the band playing/singing "Smokin' in the Boys' Room," but I'll probably have to post that in a different post since I've never tried posting video on my blog before.

On a side note, Angela's life is moving along at the speed of light, as usual! (If I don't talk to her at least once a week, I could miss really exciting events in her life like:  she has shaved her head bald, is working at a morgue, has moved to Australia, has made plans to climb Mt. Everest in December, etc.)  LOLOLOL   Today's surprising news? She picked out a 4-month-old puppy from the Humane Society! She'll pick it up Tuesday and will have to keep it at her work until Friday because that's when she gets her first paycheck and also moves into a 1 bedroom apartment (Yep, that's my kid! She's already moving into her own place.). Let's just say that her landlord wasn't keen on her bringing a dog into the house, and with Angela, NOTHING comes between her and her love of a pet. "No dogs? No problem. I'll be moved out of here by the end of the week then."  ~Angela~   LOLOL  Anyway, stay tuned for photos of the new pup and new apartment.


The band. My brother, Mike, is the guy on the right playing bass guitar in a black t-shirt.
Mike (right) and his best friend and drummer, Carl. They've been best buds since middle school I think.

Riley singing her solo.

Some of my family: (l. to r.): Sister, Sandy; Aunt Betty; Mike, Debbie & Riley (center); and cousin, Brenda.

More family (l. to r.): cousin, Mary; sister, Sandy; Aunt Betty; and my dad. (Don't know who the young boys are.)


  1. Sounds like fun! In making my blog rounds this morning, I'm finding that everyone had waaay more fun than me this weekend! LOL!

  2. Awww, looks like SO much fun! That Riley is something else for sure. :)

    Good for Angela, new puppy, new apartment. You had me there for a minute; shaved head, Australia, etc. LOL

    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. What??? No photos of you playing the tambourine?? Ahhhh!
    What a FUN Brother! And such happy memories being made!!

  4. Wish I could have been there, sounds like my kinda fun:-)


  5. How nice to have such musically talented people in your family. Sounds like you all had a great time.