Saturday, June 4, 2011

Our Daughter is Moving to Florida!

Gosh, I can't believe a week has passed since Memorial Day weekend. Where DOES the time go?

Some of the Festival workers. Pastor is on the left, hubby is on right.
The weather in our area today was hot and humid; a far cry from the moderately warm and dry days of last week. Tom & I worked at our church's Outdoor Craft Festival all day today and although everyone was sweating a lot while doing nothing more than sitting under a tent, the event was very nice and the staff (Tom & I included) had a blast. Thankfully, the weatherman was wrong (again) on his prediction of severe afternoon storms!

Tomorrow, Tom and I plan to visit a nearby greenhouse after church in order to buy our vegetable garden plants. We're then hoping we have enough energy afterward to get everything planted. Wish us luck with that!

Ol' Bronzie (our Ford van) decided not to start (again) this past week. We had to have it towed back to the same shop we took it to 2 weeks ago for the same problem. The shop ran a battery of bests and found that the starter was bad AGAIN! That's the 3rd bad starter in 11 months on that thing!!! What's up with that? Thankfully, the shop installed a new starter at no cost to us--just like they did 2 weeks ago. Still, it does make us wonder whether the van will be reliable enough to take camping this summer.

I can't remember if I mentioned in a previous blog that Angela (our daughter) had been interviewing over the phone for a Veterinary Assistant job in Naples, FL. In any event, the vets there gave her 2 phone interviews and then called her this past Tuesday to offer her the job, and they've never even met her! They said her references were excellent, and that they were looking to hire someone upbeat, friendly and bubbly, and they could tell just by talking to her on the phone that she was that kind of person. Wow. She was SO excited! They offered her 2 more dollars/hour than what she was making here, and they'll also cover her moving expenses. She told them she could get down there in 1-2 weeks, and they were fine with that. The facility is a new, 24/7 E.R. vet hospital, and Angela will be working the night shift (which she wanted) as an I.C.U. pet nurse. It sounds like they'll also help her finish her Vet Technician schooling (some tuition reimbursement). She is now checking the Internet to find a place to live down there and also save up a little more money to put down on an apt. or house. Naples is REALLY far from Michigan, and we're going to miss her an awful lot, but she's been determined to move somewhere warmer for a while now, and we told her to get while the going is good!

Below are a few more pics from Memorial weekend on the Rifle River. Hope you enjoy them, and also hope your weekend is the "kick back and relax" type!

Our friends and river property owners, John & Linda are pictured here on either side of Tom in the "church" that the guys built during Lumberjack weekend.

Here's Tom making me a walking stick.
Dinner! The guys prepared and smoked a deer leg/thigh for dinner one night. It was delish!
One of several nests we saw on the property that contained pretty, blue robins' eggs!
A cardinal in the grass is worth two in the bush!
The momma robin sitting on her eggs.
Ahhhhh, this is the life! Our friend, Chip, takes a little siesta after dinner one night.


  1. Good for Angela! I hope she does well in Florida! Though Naples is far it is doable so she'll get visitors eventually! Missed you guys at Dominic's party yesterday!

  2. I know you'll miss her but kiddos these days just go for it!
    Looks like y'all had a nice weekend!!!

  3. So excited for Angela!! Wish I lived close to Naples so I could help her!

    Love the shots from the weekend; you guys know how to have fun and that is awesome! I hope the van is fixed for good this time.


  4. Angela's new job in Florida sounds so exciting! And how fun it will be for you to visit her there. These are great pictures from your weekend at the river. Have a great week!

  5. That's really a wonderful opportunity for Angela. Even though you will miss her like crazy. It's great to do these things while you're still young! Great pics. Looked like a wonderful weekend!

  6. Congratulations to your daughter! That weather down there is going to be a whole lot different, LOL! Ah, your baby has grown her wings now...

  7. These again are really great shots. Your daughter moving to Florida is so similar to our son going to Maine. I don't know why Maine, but it is a part of the plan. We do love to visit there, but it is so far away, even by plane. I am glad she found a job as so many in our area can't find any, including me just for a part time job. It will be a new experience for you whole family as she makes this move.