Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let's Ketchup! Errr...catch up. LOL

Wow, it's been another month since my last post. I really have to start making time to post more often. It seems we've just had so much going on lately!

Tom and I are continuing to enjoy spending time with our new dog. Rocco has settled in nicely, and we actually miss the little booger sometimes when we're at work. LOL

Angela's pregnancy has been going very well. She is 6 1/2 months along now, and her belly is definitely getting big enough so she can't see her feet anymore while looking down. All of her recent doctor visits are showing the baby Dante is progressing normally, so that's good. Thank you, Lord! And we continue to pray that he will be born a healthy baby when she delivers sometime in mid-May.

Tom has been having a tough time at his job. The entire management team, from the top down, and all of the designers are corrupt and evil. And I don't use those particular words lightly. There is so much finger-pointing, and so many power-hungry people where he works. It's disgusting. They have been demanding that Tom and 2 other guys in his area work 12 hour days, plus Saturdays for 3 weeks now. And no matter how hard these guys work, all of the designers and managers taunt them, say they're incompetent, slow, etc. One of the guys in Tom's area has been throwing up daily because of all the stress; the other had to go to the E.R. two days ago because he thought he was having a heart attack due to the stress. Tom has been suffering muscle spasms in two places in his left arm (due to tension), and is so exhausted by the time he gets home at night that he falls asleep in his recliner right after dinner, and it's tough for me to wake him up. Tonight he said he feels like he's coming down with an ear infection. He just hasn't had time to rest his body, and he's 53 years old, not a young punk, so sometimes that can take a few days. Oh, and he's a diabetic. All of the stress has made his sugar levels go way high too.

Just yesterday, the H.R. lady at his company called him to talk about the situation. I guess the other 2 guys have filed complaints with her re: the idiots that are causing all the problems, and she wanted to get Tom's point of view. She felt really terrible that all 3 guys were being exposed to such mismanagement, and she said she plans to try to do something about it. I can't imagine that will happen, but we'll see. In the meantime, Tom and I keep searching the job postings each day trying to find SOMETHING he can do without taking a huge pay loss. It's frustrating with the economy being so bad, but I honestly am afraid sometimes that this job is going to kill him. And NO amount of money is worth that!

Angela & I picked a date for her baby shower--it's Saturday, April 14. We've been putting together her invitation list and hope to have those mailed by March 10. She & Jason have also registered at Wal-mart for some items, and I've encouraged her to also register someplace like Babies R Us, or Bye Bye Baby since they have a greater selection of baby items. I'm also working on crocheting a baby afghan for Dante that contains the colors of the crib bedding that Angela picked out for him. It's a new pattern that my girlfriend, Linda, taught me, and I'm having fun with it. Angela & I have already been discussing the baby shower table settings and decorations, and my sister, some sister-in-laws, and some nieces have volunteered to help with the shower. Tom also surprised us girls and volunteered to cook and serve all of the shower food! He's so awesome. One of my brothers and his youngest brother have volunteered to help him. And my sister works for a food broker, so she is going to be able to get us most of the food ingredients for FREE. You gotta love family!

Other than all of that, not much else is new. I wish spring was here as I'm not much of a winter person. Then again, the lower peninsula of Michigan has had a mild winter with very little snow this year, so I can't complain...much.

Hope all is going well in your lives, friends!


  1. I was wondering yesterday about Angela's pregnancy; it's so nice to hear everything is going well. Will continue praying that Dante will arrive healthy. I know for sure he is going to a well loved (and spoiled?) baby boy!! :)

    That just stinks about Tom's job. I don't know why people have to be so uppity up, disrespectful and just think they're "all that". I guess these kinds don't worry that they can also be replaced. I'll pray on that for you guys.

    And, YOU, young lady have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  2. Praying for strength for you overworked hubby.....Praying that something is done about those horrible conditions. Hoping the evil ones begin to see God in him :-)

    Happy report on the pregnancy, soon you'll be posting baby photos and we can share those experiences!!


  3. So sorry about your husband's job. A stressful time for him...that just stinks. Hope it can get resolved soon.

    Glad to hear that your daughter's pregnancy is going smoothly. I'll be praying for a healthy baby. It's getting to be exciting, huh? :-)

    We sure have been having a mild winter! Snow tomorrow though and will probably be gone in no time.

  4. Poor Tom--how can he stand it? Seems there is something that could be done about the way he and the others are treated. So happy with the baby news--you are so going to love being a grandma!!! Best thing ever invented!