Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Grandson Will Arrive Soon!

I apologize for not having written in a long time again. There has been so much craziness going on in my life over the past several months that extra time for blogging hasn't been an option. I have a few extra minutes of quiet here at work today, so I thought I'd sneak in a quick blog. Sh-sh-sh-sh! Don't tell anyone I'm blogging at work!  LOL

Angela's baby shower went well on April 14. Whew! It was a lot of work, but was so much fun and it was great seeing all of our family and friends there. Ang did a great job with opening all her many gifts, visiting with folks, thanking them, etc. I was very proud of her.

I was SO grateful for everyone who helped out with the shower! We really couldn't have had had such a wonderful event without the help of so many family members. Tom and "the guys" did a fantastic job making and serving all of the food. Tom is such a phenomenal cook to begin with. I knew when he told me that he'd handle all of the food that that particular area was in good hands, and one less thing I'd have to worry about.

Now, with only a few weeks to go until Angela delivers the baby, we are waiting and holding our breath to see if baby Dante will flip upside down on his own. He is still in a breech position with his butt down, and his head and legs up toward the top of the uterus. The doc gave Ang some exercises to do at home to try to get him to flip. If he doesn't flip by May 10, she'll have to have a c-section that morning, which is okay too, but she would prefer to have the opportunity to deliver him on her own without having to have a major surgery like a c-section. Ang will see the doc each week for the next two weeks and she'll have an ultrasound done with each appointment to see if Dante has turned. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

Ang & Jason got engaged in mid-February, and they plan to get married sometime after Dante is born. Jason's carpentry-type work has been sporadic this winter, and every time he thinks he's secured a "full-time" job, either the new boss doesn't call back (after telling Jason he was hired), or else the work continues to be part-time. We're hoping that as the weather warms up, more work will become available, and Jason will be able to work full-time again.

The "kids" (Ang rolls her eyes at me when I call her and Jason that) did a fantastic job on the baby's room, and it is all ready for Dante to take up residency. Jason painted the walls a bright green color, and the trim a chocolate brown. Since Dante's bedding is a jungle animal theme, Angela has added some wall decals--two 6-ft. tall palm trees and some jungle animals--to his one wall, and some green vines with monkeys attached to them along one area of the ceiling (and the vines hang down each side of the doorway). The decor is really cute, and they both put a lot of thought and work into it. Jason even removed the old pink carpeting that had been in the room and laid down a really pretty wood laminate floor. That boy is pretty talented and a very hard worker.

I'll end this post for now since I have to finish the church newsletter and get back to work! If you could keep Ang & baby Dante in your prayers over the next few weeks, I'd appreciate it. We're hoping for an easy delivery with no complications, whether it's a natural birth or a c-section. Thanks, you guys!

Hope life is treating all of you well, and serving you up much joy and happiness.  Hugs!


  1. You sure have been busy! How wonderful that you will soon be a grandma. Baby Dante's room sounds so cute with the jungle theme. Wishing the whole family much happiness. :)

  2. Oh, I'm SO excited for all of you, and will pray that little one turns! And, that he is a healthy baby. I love his name!

    His room sounds so cute!!