Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cookies and a Puppy Bath

Boy, for someone who supposedly had NOTHING to do this past weekend, I feel like I've run myself non-stop! Can't believe I have to go to bed here in a few minutes. Where DID the time go?

Friday night, Tom and I went out to dinner at a Chinese Buffet restaurant nearby. It was nice spending quiet time with each other after a hectic work week.

Saturday afternoon I attended a Party Lite candle party at my niece's mother's house. I'm on a strict budget following Angela's shower and 2 car repairs this month, so all I bought was a votive sampler pack (I think there are 12-15 votive candles of different scents in it) and a non-flame LED flickering candle for Dante's room. It has a built-in timer, so it can be used as his nightlight during the night. After the candle show, I went in to work for a few hours, came home for dinner, then back to work around 7 and didn't finish everything for Sunday until 11 p.m.! Ugh. I rarely ever work that late, but I'm also a stickler at making sure that every single thing that has to be done for any given week is totally completed before Sunday morning, even if it means I have to work on a Saturday. I can't stand being behind on anything.

This morning, Sunday, Tom and I went to church. He was the Video Technician for today, so he got to sit up in the Choir Loft with the video camera, which worked out great because I sang with the choir today also. The 3 pieces we sang were difficult, and we had hoped to have 1 more practice before delivering "the goods" at church this morning, but the Lord was with us as we nailed each piece. Whew!

After church, Tom and I did some yard work while intermittently watching the Detroit Tigers play New York in baseball. We lost (again). Bummer that the Tigers have fallen apart the past 5 games or so. Ah well. It's early in the season. Hopefully, they'll improve soon. Anyway, Tom mowed the lawn, the 2 dogs played in the back yard on their leashes (our yard isn't fenced), and I power washed our deck. Angela eventually joined us outside, and it was really nice to sit in the warm sun with the temp around 60 or so. It's supposed to get even warmer here this week--in the 70's and 80's--before cooling back down into the 60's next weekend.

I was excited to be able to take a brief nap on the couch late this afternoon. Rocco slept in the crook of my knees, so that was very "cozy."  :-)  When I woke up around 5, I ran to Kmart to get a few more things that Ang needed for Dante, and also had to run to Wal-mart (thankfully, they're down the road from each other) to buy "Thank You" notes for her to complete this week from her baby shower. She's just too heavy and tired now to go out much, and is anxious to deliver Dante as soon as possible. I think she has a doc appt. Tuesday for another ultrasound to see if he's turned yet. If not, she's pretty much accepted the fact that he's going to be delivered via c-section on May 10th.

Tom made dinner for us all tonight (which he usually does...what an awesome hubby he is!), and then I had fun giving Rocco a bath in the kitchen sink. Ang gave him his last bath in our bathtub in March, but he's so tiny that he fits nicely into the kitchen sink where he's easier to wash, and I can use the sprayer to rinse him off. He was such a good boy for me!

Once I got him somewhat dried off in a towel, he was SO excited that he ran around the first floor of our house in a huge circle, just barking and I swear, SMILING too! LOL He's such a character. Once he was more dry, I even brushed him for the first time. He fell asleep on the kitchen floor! ROFL Lastly, I brushed his teeth (we began doing that when we first got him, and he really likes the taste of the doggy toothpaste, so it's an easy job for me).
AFTER THAT (yes, I still had some energy left over), I washed up and made my family some sugar cookies with vanilla frosting and confetti sprinkles. Dang! What a busy day! I think (hope) I'll sleep well tonight!

Anyway, that was my weekend. Hope all of you had a really pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing weekend too!


  1. Sounds like a busy weekend, girl! Rocco looks so cute in the sink! I hope you kept Tom away from those little blood sugar spikers!

  2. I only let him have a each day. LOL

  3. Whew, I'm tired just reading this!

    Now, I want cookies. :)

  4. Dear First Time Grandmother:
    I know you're busy.
    I know you're also having fun with Dante.
    I know summer is fun for you guys.

    We need a little update every now and again. After all, old ladies need entertainment.